Our Typical Case

200 Infringers Taken Down

$350,000 Collected

Client Spends 3 Hours Total

How It Works

Obtain a Court Order
We Sue the Infringers

Our proven lawyers will use a tried and tested legal strategy that will get you the outcome and damages you deserve.

Collect Damages
The Infringers Pay Up

When the infringers settle or lose the case, we split the case profit 50-50. Edison only gets paid from the case winnings and you never pay us anything.

Lump Sum Cash
We Cover 100% of All Fees

We cover 100% of your legal fees and expenses. With our financial help, you don’t have to risk putting your business’ hard earned cash towards legal work.

How We Stack Up to Other Options
Reporting Software Edison Enforcement Law Firm
Infringers Found Medium High Low
Cost of Service $1,000s/mo $0 $200-500/hr
Time Required Continuous Turnkey Lots
Sales Recovered $0 $100,000s Depends
Permanent Effect No Yes Whack-a-mole!
Best For Little Infringement Lots of Infringement Rich People

A Few Sites We Handle

Are fake versions of your products being sold there?