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What We Do

Legal Work and Strategy
We Sue Your Counterfeiters

Our proven law firms use a tried and tested legal strategy to permanently shutdown your counterfeiters and entitle you the money in their e-commerce and payment processor accounts.

The Deal
We Work on Pure Contingency

Edison guarantees the law firm $10,000 upfront and gathers all infringement evidence. We also cover all of the case’s direct expenses. With Edison involved, you don’t have to worry about any fees or expenses.

Lump Sum Cash
The Counterfeiters' Cash is Distributed

The law firm typically earns 20% of the case collection and then Edison and your company split the remaining amount 50/50 after direct case expenses are reimbursed to Edison.

Example Enforcement Action

200 Counterfeiters Shutdown

$350,000 Collected

How We Stack Up to Other Options
Edison Enforcement Takedown Software Law Firm
Infringers Stopped High Medium Low
Upfront Cost $0 $1,000s/mo $200-500/hr
Time Required None/Turnkey Continuous Lots
Money Collected $100,000s $0 Low
Permanent Effect Yes Whack-a-mole! No
Best For Permanent Effect Temporary Solution Big Budgets

A Few Sites We Handle

Are fake versions of your products being sold there?

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you get infringers and counterfeiters to pay up?

2) How much time will this take my company?

3) What intellectual property do you enforce?

4) How does Edison get paid?

5) Where is Edison based?

6) How will you keep the information I share about my brands, products, or case safe?

7) Why don't I just report the infringers to my marketplace?

8) Do you only focus on Amazon? What marketplaces can you help with?

9) What are the risks?

10) How do we find fakes on so many marketplaces?

11) How much money could I make with Edison?

12) How does the case's collected money get distributed?

13) Will the companies we target retaliate against me?

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