What We Do

Obtain a Court Order
Our Court Order Permanently Stops and Removes Counterfeiters

Within two weeks of taking action, we obtain a federal court order that forces websites and marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Wish, Alibaba, etc.) to permanently remove counterfeit product. The counterfeiters have no choice but to comply with your intellectual property.

Collect Damages
We Collect Settlements and Judgements on the Counterfeiters

Our court order freezes the counterfeiters' USA based assets. This includes all the cash in their marketplace and payment processor accounts (Paypal, Payoneer, etc.). With this leverage, we're able to settle with them for your loss of sales. If they choose not to settle, we're allowed to seize all of their cash.

Lump Sum Cash
We Pay All Fees and Expenses, and Split What We Collect

We don't charge you for our work, and we cover 100% of the legal fees and expenses to execute our strategy. After the fees and expenses are deducted from the collected amount, we split the remaining cash 50/50. You never pay Edison or our lawyers, period.

How We Stack Up to Other Options
Reporting Software Edison Enforcement Law Firm
Infringers Found Medium High Low
Cost of Service $1,000s/mo $0 $200-500/hr
Time Required Continuous Turnkey Lots
Sales Recovered $0 $100,000s Depends
Permanent Effect No Yes Whack-a-mole!
Best For Little Infringement Lots of Infringement Rich People

A Few Marketplaces We Handle

Are fake versions of your products being sold there?

Who We Are

Mike Hart


Mike built a multi-million dollar e-commerce business. His frustration with intellectual property theft was the inspiration for Edison.

Joshua Gallinera

Legal Analyst

Joshua formerly worked for Philippines' law enforcement. He's our lead investigator of counterfeits and assists IP owners in taking action against them.

Hilton Hart


Hilton is a legal and technology expert. He oversees the enforcement of our clients' brands against thousands of counterfeiters.

How We Got Started

Mike's e-commerce business was facing an unmanageable amount of trademark, trade dress, copyright, and counterfeit infringement. Every time he reported the infringement to the marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, they would sometimes remove the counterfeit listings but that never fixed the problem. The counterfeiters would often just change their product listings, make new infringing ones, or continue to infringe using different seller accounts.

Unsatisfied with the results of reporting counterfeiters, Mike took the legal route and sued them with the intention of recovering damages for his loss of sales and damage to his brand. Mike overwhelmingly won his lawsuit and recovered multiples of his legal fees in damages from the counterfeiters, even the foreign based ones! Having had to pay Mike's company for their IP infringement, Mike's past infringers now know not to infringe on his IP.

With how successful Mike's lawsuit went, he wanted to help other intellectual property owners enforce their IP in the same way that he was able to. Edison has the experience of working with e-commerce marketplaces and counterfeiters to ensure that they stop infringing and damages are collected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not just report the infringers and counterfeiters to the marketplaces?

Reporting is not a permanent solution. It will constantly take up your time as it's just a slap on the wrist for the counterfeiters'. They'll always adapt and come back. By reporting, you also allow the counterfeiters to run away with the money they've made from your loss of sales. Before reporting, contact us. We'll tell you if it makes sense to report or take the legal route, and we'll explain why.

How do you get infringers and counterfeiters to pay up?

Our federal court order freezes their United States based assets. This includes the cash in their marketplace accounts (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.) and their payment processor accounts (eBay, Payoneer, etc.). With their money and accounts at stake, they'll either give us a favorable settlement or we'll seize all of their frozen cash and shutdown their account.

What does this service cost? How does Edison make money?

Edison and our lawyers do not charge you for this service. Edison guarantees the lawyers a flat rate legal fee payment and it covers all legal expenses. By doing this, Edison earns a percentage of the cash we collect from the counterfeiters.

How much time will this take my company?

The typical Edison client spends no more than 3 hours of their time total. Edison and our lawyers do all the work and make it a totally turnkey process.

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