What We Do

Average of 111 Infringers Taken Down

Average of $263,000 Collected

Average Client Spent 3 Hours Total

How It Works

Sue Trademark Infringers

We Sue the Infringers

Our proven lawyers will use a tried and tested legal strategy that will get you the outcome and damages you deserve.

Win Damages

The Infringers Pay Up

When the defendants settle or lose the lawsuit, we split the recovery 50-50. We only get paid from the recovery when we win the lawsuit and you never pay us anything.

Lump Sum Cash

We Pay 100% of All Fees

We pay 100% of your legal fees and expenses. With our financial help, you don’t have to risk putting your business’ hard earned cash towards legal work.

Edison Versus the Other Guys
How We Stack Up to Other Options
Reporting Software Edison Law Firm
Infringers Found Medium High Low
Cost of Service Up to $1,000s/mo $0 $200-500/hr
Time Required Continuous Turnkey Lots
Sales Recovered $0 $100,000s Depends
Permanent Effect No Yes Whack-a-mole!
Best For Little Infringement Lots of Infringement Rich People

A Few Marketplaces We Handle

Are fake versions of your products being sold there?

Who We Are

Mike Hart


Mike has built a multi-million dollar e-commerce business. His frustration with intellectual property theft was the inspiration for Edison.


Hilton Hart


Hilton is an experienced CTO and studied computer science at Dartmouth College. He handles our technology and legal operations.


How We Got Started

Mike's e-commerce business was facing an unmanageable amount of trademark, trade dress, and counterfeit infringement. Every time he reported the infringement to marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, they would sometimes remove the infringing listings but that never fixed the problem. The infringers would often just make new infringing product listings or continue to infringe using different seller accounts.

Unsatisfied with the results of reporting trademark infringement on e-commerce marketplaces; Mike took the legal route and sued the trademark infringers with the intention of recovering damages for his loss of sales and damage to his brand. Mike overwhelmingly won the lawsuit and recovered multiples of his legal fees in damages from the infringers, even the foreign based ones! Having had to pay Mike's company for their IP infringement, Mike's past infringers now know not to infringe on his IP.

With how successful Mike's lawsuit went, he wanted to help other intellectual property owners enforce their IP in the same way that he was able to. Edison has the experience of working with e-commerce marketplaces and infringers to ensure that damages are recovered. Edison will pay 100% of the legal fees required to sue infringers in return for 50% of the damages we are able to recover. Your company never pays Edison or the lawyer a dollar, and Edison only gets paid 50% from the damages if we win the lawsuit!

Claim History
References Available Upon Request
Product/Brand Enforced Collected
Construction Toy $111,000
Kitchen Tool $126,000
Crafts Toy $113,000
Outdoor Toy $121,000
Construction Toy $1,080,000
Kitchen Tool $284,000
Clothing Brand $30,000
Musical Instrument $450,000
Smoking Device $59,000
Home Good Novelty TBD
Consumer Hand Tool TBD
Kitchen Accessory TBD
Manicure Brand TBD
Beauty Brand TBD
Hair Product TBD
Fidget Brand TBD
Crafts Toy TBD
Food Prep Device TBD
Fishing Accessory TBD
Car Accessory TBD
Carpentry Tool TBD
Cycling Brand TBD
Fidget Brand TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Edison get paid? What's the catch?

We take a percentage of the money that comes back from your infringers.

How do you get infringers and counterfeiters to pay up?

We sue them and freeze their assets in the United States.

What intellectual property (patent, copyright, trademark) do you enforce?

Mostly, registered trademarks. If you have a registered copyright or patent, you can reach out to us, but our typical client has a registered trademark. If your trademark is in process of registration and you have a counterfeiter/infringer problem, let us know as well.

What do your services cost? How do you guys get paid?

Your company never pays us out of pocket. We are only paid from a percentage of the money we recover for your brand.

How will you keep the information I share about my brands, products, or case safe?

If you’d like, before discussing your case, we’ll start by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Why don't I just report the infringers to my marketplace?

Because it will take a lot of time, it’s frustrating, and by reporting you allow your infringers to run away with the money they’ve been stealing from you by using your intellectual property (IP). Before reporting, contact us!

Do you only focus on Amazon? What marketplaces can you help with?

Amazon is our speciality but we also specialize in stopping bad actors on: eBay, Wish, Walmart, Alibaba, AliExpress, Etsy, Teespring, Vova, Joom, Bonanza, Tophatter, etc.

What are the risks?

As of 2018/12/30, our record is 2831 - 0. We have not yet lost a case nor have we had to pay single dollar to a defendant. If you lose your case, Edison will pay your legal fees. We order all the fakes to our warehouse where we check their authenticity to make sure we are only suing the bad guys.

How do we find fakes on so many marketplaces?

We use a combination of software to search marketplaces, with human checking, both the website and the physical product (we order it).

How much money could I make with Edison?

As of 2018/12/30, our smallest case paid the client $43,000, and our largest case paid the client $800,000. The average payment to our clients across all of our past cases is $191,500.

How much time will this take?

Our average client spends about 3 hours.

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