Our Team

Mike Hart



Mike has built a multi-million dollar e-commerce business. He has also testified before congress regarding unfair practices on e-commerce marketplaces.

Hilton Hart

Co-Chairman and CEO


Hilton oversees Edison’s operations. He’s ultimately responsible for keeping our clients' brands safe from IP infringers and counterfeiters.

Jessica Delos Santos

Sr. Legal Analyst


Jessica is our case researcher and data wrangler. We’re able to best understand our clients’ cases because of her evidence gathering and integration of third-party subpoenaed data.

Will Fojtik

Business Development


Will is the first point of contact for our prospective clients. He looks for brands that are being counterfeited and are a perfect match for our enforcement strategy.

Amy McPeak

Operations Manager


Amy manages our enforcement cases, customer service, and vendors. She’s responsible for making sure our clients' cases go smoothly and move on time.

How We Got Started

Mike's e-commerce business was facing an unmanageable amount of trademark, trade dress, copyright, and counterfeit infringement. Every time he reported the infringement to the marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, they would sometimes remove the counterfeit listings but that never fixed the problem. The counterfeiters would often just change their product listings, make new infringing ones, or continue to infringe using different seller accounts.

Unsatisfied with the results of reporting counterfeiters, Mike took the legal route and sued them with the intention of collecting money for his loss of sales and damage to his brand. Mike overwhelmingly won his case and collected multiples of his legal fees in damages from the counterfeiters, even the foreign based ones! Having had to pay Mike's company for their IP infringement, Mike's past infringers now know not to infringe on his IP.

With how successful Mike's case went, he wanted to help other intellectual property owners enforce their IP in the same way that he was able to. Edison has the experience of working with e-commerce marketplaces and counterfeiters to ensure that they stop infringing and damages are collected.