Client Testimonials

(Contact info available on request)

Armand Ferranti

President and Co-Founder - Draft Top, Inc.

I am an inventor and entrepreneur who's products have been heavily infringed on after several public success campaigns. After months of stressing out over how to play defense with our intellectual property rights, Edison reached out to propose a solution that entailed playing offense with infringing sellers. Their brilliant approach to combating copy cats and knock-offs, which effect brand integrity and value, have been highly effective and easily coordinated. Not only has Edison helped us recoup lost sales but they have fundamentally altered the way in which we approach IP Strategy going forward. This approach costs far less than conventional means and often yields returns that can be reinvested in better IP moving forward. They say 'a good offense is the best defense' and Edison has nailed it with their process! Not to mention, they are great to work with, explaining each step of the process along the way. If you have an opportunity to work with them, go for it.

Darren Novotny

CEO - Springdale Acoustics, Inc.

When Edison contacted us to let us know that they had detected a lot of trademark infringement on our brand, we were a bit skeptical of their proposal to recover damages. Although we had been aware of online trademark infringement for several years, we did not know what to do about it. After reviewing Edison’s proposal with our attorney, we agreed to let them work on our case. Everything proceeded exactly as they outlined, and within about 1 year they settled our case for more than we anticipated.

Charlton Moore

President - Tonal Music, Inc.

Edison provided us with a service that, at the time, didn't exist. The day our patent expired the market was flooded with inferior counterfeit versions of our product. The counterfeiters continued using our name and trademark for years knowing that the cost of litigation for a small business was not worth the pursuit. By partnering with Edison, we were able to stop the offenders from using our name and devaluing our brand, without an upfront cost, or spending countless hours relying on 3rd party retail platforms. For once, it seemed, small business IP could be represented at the same level as a multinational corporation. Thank you to Edison for filling this gap in the market of IP protection!

Jim Snyder

Owner - Snyder Manufacturing, Inc.

For the last 4 years, we used a part-time employee to stem the tide of counterfeit products coming in. It was very frustrating. We would try to take down sellers from Amazon and Wish with mixed results. After we were contacted by Edison and started the process, it was much easier. They worked with us to identify the biggest offenders and they disappeared from the marketplace. As a result, our sales increased dramatically. The settlement funds allowed us to purchase more inventory to support this increase in sales. I would recommend Edison to any manufacturer who is combatting counterfeit sales competition.

Jonathan Ruppert

Founder - Ruppert Garden Tools, LLC

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Edison concerning my Weed Snatcher product, they explained that they could help me recover monies owed and take down offenders. Well, they have come through with what they said they would do, and continue to pursue others that are violating my intellectual property. I would highly recommend Edison, they are very detailed in their work as well as keep you informed through the whole process. Very glad they found me, to help me regain losses that I would have never realized. Thank You Edison Team!!! Awesome work you've done for me.

Aaron Muderick

CEO - Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

I was cautious about Edison's promises but they delivered as promised! We received a substantial cash settlement and saw a dramatic reduction in the number of infringers across all marketplaces. Hitting infringers in the pocketbook made all the difference. Edison did all the work so we could focus on our core business while still protecting our brand.

Pam Turner

Owner - PST Innovations LLC

I was thrilled with the professionalism of the Edison staff. They reached out to me in regard to trademark infringement of my One Second Needle brand. They told me what they could do and kept me informed as the case progressed. The payout came exactly when they told me it would come. A pleasure to work with.

Mitch Shenassa

President - Incredibowl Industries, LLC

I loved that it was hands off and completely white glove - we really didn't have to worry about anything. On top of that, Edison's experience in the space and understanding of the process proved to be very helpful in our understanding and being confident in the enforcement process.

Brian Wittman

Owner - Maui Xaphoon Musical Instruments

My relationship with Edison began with an unsolicited email to my company website, so of course I was suspicious. However, since I had been doing most of my company's intellectual property legal work myself, I was already familiar with the dynamics, and when I decided to speak to Hilton despite my reservations, his system began to make very clear sense to me. Still cautious however, I requested (and was given) access to speak to two previous Edison clients. In the end, the process proceeded just as described, and in my case, resulted in a surprisingly large cash compensation to my lost profits, as well as the clearest yet signal to my trademark violators.

Mike Goldman

Managing Director - Tucker Toys (A Goliath Company)

Edison did an amazing job stopping our e-commerce counterfeiters. In addition to removing tons of counterfeit product listings from sites like Amazon, eBay, Wish, and Alibaba, they had the counterfeiters pay our company about ~$50,000 in legal damages. For a toy company with 10% margins, we would have had to sell half a million dollars of product to profit that much.